January 13, 2013

madame lune

I am practicing my people. I'm pretty sucky at drawing people, so the only way to get better is to keep drawing people.

here is Madame Lune. graphite/color pencil.

September 15, 2012

light bulb + leaf

today is a double post! here is my half-crappy light bulb. i did learn that it's very hard to just "sketch" something translucent. my second picture:
a friend gave me a chinese watercolor kit, and this is something i did to test everything out. i am no painter, but once i did this, i was like, i should go paint stuff! we'll see if i ever get around to doing it. though i am quite satisfied with this. yay!

do note that the original painting is significantly smaller :D

September 07, 2012

ice cream cone.

ta ta! another little drawing. i returned my prismacolor markers (so sad) due to lack of money; but instead i picked up this lovely moleskine journal/sketchbook that i plan to have with me wherever i go. this is my first installment in my book. i hope to have many more coming. 

made with faber castell artist pens.

tell me your thoughts on it. 


September 06, 2012

a phone.

it has been wayyyy too long since i have posted anything. i am on a two week "staycation", and i thought i should start drawing again. it has been so sad that i have not drawn during the spring and summer; working full time does unfortunate things to your life. 

i picked up this lovely 24-count package of prismacolor markers. my bank account is hurting, but i am happy that i got them (on sale!). i need practice with them before i make anything decent, so i thought i'd give my faber castell pens a twirl. this picture is the result of 10 or 15 minutes of my time. i am quite pleased with the results! i shall be trying to do this kind of style more often, focusing on sketching instead of realism. realism is all very well and good, but i feel that i will learn more right now by sketching. 

i hope to have more pictures coming soon!

April 18, 2012


any concern too small to be turned into a prayer is too small to be made into a burden. ~corrie ten boom

March 12, 2012

colour the small one

this amazing album by the aussie singer-songwriter sia, who was the lead singer of zero7, is one of my favourite albums now. sia has such a cozy, warming, breathy, unique voice that makes me smile. this atmospheric, down-tempo album is just perfect for casual listening. the dreamy, layered vocals against the creative acoustics takes me away to another place. the must-hear song: breathe me. noteworthy songs:
natale's song
broken biscuit
don't bring me down

March 11, 2012